Duplex board

Manufactured mostly out of the recycled paper pulp, Duplex boards consist of two layers. It finds its application in the packaging industry. The exteriors of boards are often coated to make them water-resistant and to provide an added glossy surface. Some applications of Duplex boards include Milk packaging, wine and liquor packaging, pharmaceuticals etc.

Folding boxboard

Widely known and bought with their short name “FBB”, Folding box boards are a grade of paperboard manufactured by putting together layers and layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. Known for its low-density and high material stiffness, the major sectors that found an application for FBB include health and beauty products, frozen foods, confectionery items, pharmaceuticals, graphical uses etc.

Writing & Printing Paper

Let not the term “Maplitho” confuse you for a second, it’s our plain old writing and printing paper. It is applications include computer stationery, bills, invoices, cashbooks, calendars, Writing pads etc.

White Kraft Liner

Available in both coated and uncoated variations,  white Kraft liner is a grade of kraft paper. It has a white top on one side and kraft on the other. The coating or non-coating depends on the requirement of the user. It has its applications in food packaging, industrial packaging and packaging boxes.

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