Our versatility is our niche. And our commitment to provide profit to people dealing in any segment of paper industry has driven us to take on different businesses that need regular supply of quality paper. We deal in Book Publishing, Retail Inserts, Paper Converting, Technical Specialty Paper, Liquor segment, Playing cards, Food grade packaging, FMCG sector

  • Book Publishing– The standard of any reading material, especially books, is determined by the quality and feel of its paper. We know the importance of the right paper for the publishing industry, hence work relentlessly to help our clients get the right supplies at the right price, at the right time.
  • Retail Inserts: Retail inserts are still the best option to reach your potential customer base. But only when they are designed right, using the right quality of the paper. We help our clients with their retail insert plan by supplying best quality papers, at the most competitive prices
  • Paper Converting: Availability of the right size and supply of paper determines the smooth operation for any player dealing in a segment that relies heavily on paper. We, along with our trusted paper mill partners, ensure that our clients keep on getting the right level of supply throughout their phase of requirement
  • Technical Specialty Paper: Our experience and versatility have helped us in understanding the various specifications and requirements that our clients from different business backgrounds go through. With our efforts to supply for all businesses that need paper for a seamless flow, we have successfully become a trusted specialty paper supplier.
  • Liquor segment: Packaging in liquor segment has always been an issue of constant consideration. Our robust network of paper supply, supported with our well-established paper mill partners, have helped us become the go-to option for many of our clients dealing in liquor industry.
  • Playing cards: We are not only for words. Every industry, no matter how small or big stays on top of our serving list. Playing cards is one such industry that we serve with equal zest and zeal, helping our clients hailing from this industry secure the most optimized supply of paper possible.
  • Food grade packaging: No matter what the shape, size, or quantity of the product is, we make sure our clients get all the needful within a timeline that serves their business interests well. From processed food packaging to food grade bags, our product never fails to impress our customers.
  • FMCG sector: Much like its unabbreviated form, which is Fast Moving Consumer Goods, the sector itself stays high on demand for the paper required for packaging and other purposes. Taking it as a challenge, we never let our clients run out of options by ensuring they have what they want at the most cost effective prices, and at all times.